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Anderson Metal Industries Inc (AMI) was incorporated in Pennsylvania, February 1973, mainly as a medium weight machine shop. During the first nine years, AMI operated primarily within energy and energy-related fields, principally coal, gas, oil and nuclear. As sales grew, AMI expanded its machining capabilities to include boring, turning, fabrication and assemblies. Since 1981 AMI has expanded its portfolio, today being a leading manufacturer of Sounding Rocket hardware and Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Hardware systems for the US Navy. Our list of satisfied customers to includes Astrotech Space Services, The Army Corp of Engineers,Avondale Shipyards, Bath Iron Works, Ingalls Shipbuilding, Joy Mining Co, Litton/PRC, NASA, NASSCO, U.S. Navy, and various other Federal Agencies and Prime Contractors.


AMI is located in Western Pennsylvania, approximately 1-1/2 hours driving from Pittsburgh, Erie and Cleveland, OH. Our 20,000 square feet of manufacturing facility sits on a 7.8 acre site.





AMI is a diversified sub-contract machine shop with lathe, turning, boring, drilling, milling, grinding, welding and fabrication capabilities for mechanical/electrical fabrications and assemblies. We can machine up to 42" diameters x 56" of turned size, boring precision locations within 48" cubic size or extended lengths of 5’ to 12’. Bore diameter precision machined with sizing from 1" to 20" being maintained within a .001 size limit. Most machines are equipped with a position electronic digital readout system having a .0005 (one half thousand of an inch) resolution. Our list of equipment includes CNC Machining & Turning Centers, Horizontal Boring Mills (largest has a 4" Bar – 15 HP), a number of Mills, Radial Drills, and Welding (Mig & Tig) equipment. Inspection includes a Renshaw Probing System for our CNC Vertical Mill and a Sheffield Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine. Our shop utilizes Mastercam’s CAD/CAM system. We have the ability to electronically transmit and receive drawings in Autocad R14. Regardless of the end product, or the size of the order, we take pride in delivery On-Time all the time. Our Quality Assurance Manual is in compliance with MIL-I-45208A.



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DDG 51

Arleigh Burke Class

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LPD 17

The Mission of the Navy Shipboard Collective Protection System (CPS) is to protect designated operational and/or stand-down relief areas of the ship from Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CBR) contamination. Personnel in the protected zone do not need to wear protective masks or clothing. This protection is accomplished by maintaining a slight positive pressure within the zone to prevent CBR contamination from entering through leaks at the zone boundary. As air enters the ship via supply intakes, it passes through the gas absorber and HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arresting) filters. The gas absorber contains activated charcoal for removing chemical warfare gases, while the HEPA filter removes solid and aerosol contaminant’s. AMI manufacturers the filter housings providing an enclosure to support the CBR filters. Equipment manufactured by AMI includes:


    • CBR Filter Housings
    • Pressure Control Valves
    • Differential Pressure Gauge
    • SACPS Filter Housings
    • HEPA Filter Assemblies
    • Antiblast Valve Assemblies
    • Filter Change-out Tool Kits
    • Maintenance/Repair Kits


AMI has CPS hardware on the LSD, LSD-CV, DDG, LHD and AOE Class of Ships. At the end of 1999, AMI CPS hardware can be found on 65 US Navy warships, around the world. In addition, we have hardware at land based installations, in countries around the world.





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Sounding Rocket Flight Path

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SR Night Flight

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Sounding Rockets

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Sounding rockets take their name from the nautical term "to sound", which means to take measurements. The payload section carries instruments to conduct and experiment and sends the data back to Earth. The rockets come in a variety of sizes, from 7 feet to 65 feet tall. These rockets can carry payloads of various weights to altitudes from 30 miles to more than 800 miles.


The flight profile follows a parabolic trajectory – it goes and comes back down. Flight time is less than 30 minutes, however, invaluable data can be received in this short time.


NASA, AMI’s primary customer todate, launches an average of 30 sounding rockets each year, many of which have equipment manufactured by AMI. They are launched from sites in the United States, Canada, Norway, and Sweden. Sounding rockets also can be launched from temporary ranges in Peru, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Greenland, Australia and an aircraft carrier in the Pacific Ocean. AMI also supplies other commercial customers with a variety of rocket hardware, including;

    • Terrier Fin
    • Orion Fin
    • Nike-Ajax Fin
    • Taurus Fin
    • Talos Fin
    • 14" Ogive Nosecones
    • 14" & 17" Alum & SSL Clamshell Nosecones
    • Interstage Adapters
    • Vehicle Service Modules
    • IRMA’s (Ignition Recovery Module Assembly)


Whether its Chemical Warfare Protection, Sounding Rocket Hardware or General Machining Services, if you would like additional information on how AMI can assist you, send your e-mail to: sales@andermet.com.


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